Picking up, transporting and caring for cakes/ order disclosure

Thank you so much for choosing Sweet Stacks Cakery to fulfill your custom dessert need. Here are a few notes to consider after picking up your treats.

If ordering a cake.

When transporting the cake the best place for it to sit is on the floor so it is leveled and i would suggest someone else watching the cake if it is a 3 tier cake or taller so you are not distracted while driving and they can watch the cake in case there are any sudden stops or acceleration. Once you pick up your order rather its the day of your event or the day before please keep the cake refrigerated once it arrives to its destination especially if there is fresh fruit or whipped cream. If its picked up the day before or the day of the event its best to refrigerate it till party time. Please remember all the cakes have a layer of buttercream on them the key ingredient is butter and it gets pretty hot in California so if the cake is out too long it will began to melt and soften. So please watch out for if your cake will be sitting in direct sunlight or be indoors. There is no exact time for how long a cake can be sitting out. It all depends on weather, humidity and if its covered in fondant vs buttercream or a naked cake. After cake is cut the best way to store your cake is to cut it into sections wrap in cling wrap and store in a air tight container in the fridge or freezer. If you have any questions please ask. Thank you 

If ordering cupcakes.

Cupcakes are packaged in a sturdy container. Cupcakes should be refrigerated for freshness. Cupcakes are able to sit out longer then cakes can but the buttercream will soften with heat, direct sunlight and humidity.

If ordering chocolate covered strawberries keep in the fridge till time for the event 

if ordering cake pops, rice Krispy treats or chocolate covered Oreos store in the packaged box and leave on a counter do not refrigerate. 

Please be advised once your order is picked up Sweet Stacks Cakery is no longer liable for your order. I would hate for it to happen but if there are any damages to your cake during your transport of it you will be responsible. If i am able to help you troubleshoot i will but i will not be responsible for damages. If there are any questions or concerns during pick up please are then.

thank you